Crochet Crazy Update

Still busily crocheting every spare minute I get!

This is where I’m at so far….



Danish Coffee Table

Always on the lookout for 60/70s pieces, I found a great, original tiled coffee table in a charity shop.
I loved the tile colour and design but the wood frame was tired and very dark.
I wasn’t 100% sure about it but it was ridiculously cheap so it seemed churlish to overlook it.
It stayed buried under all kinds of detritus in my hall for ages until, in a surge of creativity, I decided to slap some paint on it.

Sadly I didn’t stop to take any before pictures 😳

But this is it during the process.



I love it.
I did test out a couple of other colours first but thought the white gave a cleaner contrast to the tiles.

Standard Lamp Upcycle

Having noticed a growing trend for the revival of the Standard Lamp, I was pleased to spot a reasonably priced one in a local used furniture shop.
A quick trip to an electrical hardware shop ensured it was safe to use.
I was now ready to bring it back to life. I just needed a suitable shade.
That didn’t cost a fortune.
This was supposed to be a bargain project after all!

Months of scouring Charity shops in vain followed.
I decided to paint it anyway in the meantime.
I wanted to do something a little different than my usual white so I decided to go bold with a high gloss orange.

Unfortunately it appeared to be not a million miles from it’s original orange pine!

Maybe it would look better with a contrasting shade.
I was starting to give up hope when, on the way to an auction, I spied one in a modern furniture warehouse.
Not my usual hunting ground at all!

Not only was it the right size and colour but it had been lined with a silver inner which gives a great effect when lit.
And best of all,it had been reduced to just £3!!


I still wasn’t happy with the orange paint job so elected to use some Annie Sloan paint instead.

A coat of Paris Grey gave a much nicer effect and I then embellished the shade with some ribbon I’d picked up at a charity shop some time ago.
It can be removed if I want to change the look again.




I have to say I’m pretty happy with the finished result and it’s perfect set up in my crochet corner behind my £20 vintage mid-century leather recliner.



Crochet crazy

Although my first love was always painting tired bits of furniture to give it a new lease of life, I have more recently been seduced by soft furnishings.
I’ve found myself hoarding fabric and collecting buttons old and new.
Soon I may make something with them!

Wandering through Pinterest( you’ll find me under Becky Moran on there)I discovered Textile art, which I found quite exciting for awhile.
Here’s my first amateurish attempt at it.


Not quite Léa Stansal standard but I’m quite sure it’s something I’ll return to.

This was the piece of work which so inspired me.


I’ve recently taught myself the basics of crochet.
A couple of youtube videos later(thank you Carina’s Craftblog) and I’ve well and truly caught the bug.
This is what I’m aiming to make at the moment.


I’ve only started this week but am so addicted I am walking around with a ball of wool under my arm crocheting as I go.
This is what I’ve made so far.


I will post photos when I’m finally finished.