Rainbow Stairs Project

I have had such a busy year so far!
Lots of changes…lots of projects both completed and underway.
As always money has been a stumbling block,and to distract myself from the annoyance of being unable to get my hallway plastered, I decided to paint my stairs.
That way, when I came in through the front door my eye would be drawn to a pop of colour rather than the expanse of grey plasterboard.

I had some white floorpaint left over from painting the bedrooms


All I needed were a few tester pots in suitable colours…I was pretty keen to go for the rainbow spectrum….and I was good to go.

Have to say I’m pretty happy with the results




Have had an intense week at work and was feeling mentally and physically tattered,which made it perfect timing for my treatment with Jo.
To be honest most of my treatments with Jo are perfectly timed even though they’re booked weeks in advance.
That’s just the way she rolls he he 😉
I can trundle along for weeks managing everything life throws at me just fine. Well, fine-ish.
And then a day or two before I’m due to see Jo something will happen or I find myself struggling to deal with stuff positively.

Not always but if I have a massive blip it usually coincides with a visit to Jo.

My treatment consists of a massage which includes aromatherapy and Reiki.
Jo will ask how I’m feeling and mix me up my own personal oils for that session.
I was feeling very tired and foggy brained.

We caught up with each other’s news whilst she massaged and worked the knots out in my shoulders…ow!
Then I got some healing.
Which is always the point when my brain finally goes quiet and calm.
A bit more healing to send tingles up my spine.
And that’s pretty much it,the hour and a bit is up.

But always without fail, I leave there feeling fantastic.

So I drove home through the beautiful Suffolk countryside into the setting sun.


Full of light and joy.
Beaming from ear to ear.
Feeling thankful for all the good things in my life, of which there are many.
And remembering ‘I’m exactly where I’m meant to be right now’

A Little About Me

Whenever I read someone’s blog,I’m often curious about the person behind the words so I thought I’d give you a little background info about me.

I live with my partner near Ely in Cambridgeshire on the edge of the Fens.


Ely is famous for it’s beautiful cathedral.


I work as an Equine Radiographer near Newmarket and have done for six years.


I have a cat called Squeaky. Squeaky was a stray that found me. He was very timid but not any more!


He’s very chatty now! Hence his name.


I lived in Hokkaido,Japan for nine and a half years.


I enjoy gardening,cooking,crafting,photography,reading,travel
and finding treasures in charity shops and car boot sales.
I swear a lot,am impatient, and have a well developed sense of the ridiculous.

So here goes……

I wanted to start this blog as an online record of projects old and new.
I like nothing better than finding an old object or piece of furniture that’s seen better days, and breathe new life into with a lick of paint,new handles or some other embellishment.
Having recently moved house,I now have the space to work on(and store) new projects!
The house and garden also need work doing on them so I’ll be using this blog as a record of that too!

Here’s some photos of some earlier projects!