A Little About Me

Whenever I read someone’s blog,I’m often curious about the person behind the words so I thought I’d give you a little background info about me.

I live with my partner near Ely in Cambridgeshire on the edge of the Fens.


Ely is famous for it’s beautiful cathedral.


I work as an Equine Radiographer near Newmarket and have done for six years.


I have a cat called Squeaky. Squeaky was a stray that found me. He was very timid but not any more!


He’s very chatty now! Hence his name.


I lived in Hokkaido,Japan for nine and a half years.


I enjoy gardening,cooking,crafting,photography,reading,travel
and finding treasures in charity shops and car boot sales.
I swear a lot,am impatient, and have a well developed sense of the ridiculous.