Best find of the week

Although I’m itching to give my bedroom a makeover (dark grey walls,hot pink accents,white painted floor??!), I have to wait to get the artexed ceiling replastered.
Which requires money.
Most of which is already earmarked for the roof fund.
Which kinda takes priority.

So, even though I’m not strictly shopping for any items for that room, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of bedside lamps.
The ones I’ve got are too big for my bedside tables really.
Which I was told when I spotted them originally but did I listen?
Bought ’em anyway.

They were metal and kind of retro looking and I could afford them.
Now they collect a lot of dust,clank loudly every time they’re shifted and don’t allow me enough room for my collection of books (read and unread),glass of water,ipad and phone.

To be fair the bedside tables are pretty small, but my last house was quite tiny and I spent ages trawling ebay for something small and retro.
Plus they came with a fab,matching chest of drawers.


Which I like a lot better since I changed the handles.

I’d gone into Wilkinson’s for something when I spotted these.

I thought they were probably too good to pass up.
They have a slightly hippy quality to them that I love,and I’d had my eye on something similar in John Lewis for a while that was twice the price.

Anyway I’m really pleased with them,they look so pretty when they’re all lit up.